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Bernlieger farmhouse, 1900
Bernlieger farmhouse, 1900

Josef Scherzer sen. had dreamt for years of setting up a game reserve on his land.

He made his dream come true in the late eighties when he began breeding fallow deer. The huge demand encouraged us to extend the project to include red deer and mouflons.

We had more and more visitors wanting to see these interesting animals for themselves and were only too pleased to allow this. It thus made sense to open the enclosure to visitors on a permanent basis and also cater for our guests. For this reason we also included a Buschenschank. In order to keep especially our young guests happy, we built a large playground and a petting zoo.

Subsequently we gave up the breeding of cattle and converted our farm buildings into a contemporary museum.

In 1993 we were able to purchase the lifetime works of well-known fish expert Berno Schober, from Lienz, and thus open our fish museum.

In 1996, during a trip to Canada, Josef Scherzer met a museum owner who wanted to retire and was looking for someone to continue his business. Josef Scherzer did not let this opportunity pass and purchased a magnificent collection of over 200 animal specimens from the Canadian wildness. These specimens became the basis for our Grizzly World.

In order to make our museum even more appealing, after a planning and building period of two years, the upper floor of the nature barn was expanded and now houses our African Experience Museum.

The artist Günter Schifko imaginatively created our saloon and dragon's lair with his mural paintings, some of which are life-sized. The walls of the fish museum were also thoroughly refurbished with artistic flair. Thanks to Schifko our museum has become a walk-in picture book.

Energy dome under construction
Energy dome

At the beginning of 2018, an adventure playground with a children's log cabin and a raised hide was built in the forest. An energy and information dome with a viewing terrace was also newly built. In this dome you can enjoy the view and recharge your energy with the help of rose quartz, rock crystal, Shiva Lingam, amethyst and other power stones.


We would love to welcome you to our wildlife centre in Feld am See!