"Buschenschank" Inn


A Buschenschank is a traditional inn open only a few weeks in the year where grape must and typical cold platters are served.

During the summer months and during the opening times of our wildlife centre, in our outdoor courtyard we offer home-produced drinks and food, such as:

  • Must
  • Apple juice
  • Elderberry juice
  • Elderflower juice
  • Oberkärntner Schinkenspeck (ham from Upper Carinthia)
  • Wildsalami (salame made from game)
  • Wildwürste (sausages made from game)
  • Bündnerfleisch (cured meat) made from Scottish highland cattle
  • Dried Wildschweinspeck (cured ham made from wild boar)
  • Venison ham

Due to general legal requirements a Buschenschank cannot remain open all year long.

To make sure you are not disappointed, please give us a call before your visit to check:


+43 - 4246 - 2776


Alpen Wildpark Feld am See

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Scherzer family
9544 Feld am See
Carinthia, Austria

Tel. +43 04246/2776

E-mail: info@alpen-wildpark.com

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Alpen Wildpark Feld am See