Grizzly World Museum


Experience the Canadian wilderness for yourself in our Grizzly World.

In an exhibition space of 400m² you can marvel at whole families of bears, the mighty moose, Canadian elks, bison, caribou, mountain goats, pumas, Rocky Mountain sheep, a pack of wolves, coyotes, lynxes, beavers, otters, bald eagles, eagle owls, snowy owls and many others in perfectly recreated natural habitats.

For children there is an exciting bears' grotto and a video room where we present interesting documentary videos on animals.

MoosePolar bearBear
Musk ox
Siberian roebuckBrown bearRed fox

Alpen Wildpark Feld am See

Wildlife centre and museum


Scherzer family
9544 Feld am See
Carinthia, Austria

Tel. +43 04246/2776


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Alpen Wildpark Feld am See