African Experience Museum


Experience a day in Africa and climb up the tiger's rock to look a giraffe in the eye.

We have a display of around 50 specimens in an exhibition space of 500m²: wild cats, antelope - from the smallest antelope (Dik-Dik, 5kg) to the largest (Eland, 1000kg), elephants, water buffalo, a mountain zebra, ostriches, baboons, crocodiles and a giraffe.

Enter the leopard's cave and get a close-up view of the wild cats!

Original African wood craft is displayed on the walls.

Visitors can enjoy documentary videos about Africa in our video room.

GemsbokIn the leopard's caveWildcat, Rock hyrax and Springhare
BuffaloZebra and elephantsEntrance

Alpen Wildpark Feld am See

Wildlife centre and museum


Scherzer family
9544 Feld am See
Carinthia, Austria

Tel. +43 04246/2776


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Alpen Wildpark Feld am See