Wildlife Centre Feld am See


In the 11-hectare enclosure of our wildlife centre, our animals are provided with the most natural possible habitat.

Visitors can enjoy direct, safe contact with over 30 types of wild animals:

red and fallow deer, mouflons, capricorns, chamois, wild boars, pot-bellied pigs, raccoons, pheasants, llamas, Scottish cattle, peacocks, racka sheep, four-horned sheep, Hungarian woolly pigs, four-horned goat (Carinthian domestic animals threatened by extinction), Sika deer, racoons etc.

You can stroll comfortably through the wildlife centre in around 45 minutes along our spacious footpaths.

For small children and babies we recommend the use of infant carriers. Prams or buggies can also be pushed easily along the footpaths.

The surrounding Gegendtal valley offers an impressive backdrop for photos and video films.

If you want to get a really good look at the animals, stay on the footpaths. If you come close to the animals they will be shy and run away.

We kindly ask you not to feed our animals with food brought from home. In particular leftover food can be harmful and lead to painful diseases for our animals.

LlamaSika deerCapricorn

Alpen Wildpark Feld am See

Wildlife centre and museum


Scherzer family
9544 Feld am See
Carinthia, Austria

Tel. +43 04246/2776

E-mail: info@alpen-wildpark.com

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Alpen Wildpark Feld am See